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Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park and the Sequoia National Park are administered as one unit. The main difference between the parks is that the Sequoia national park has more groves of the famous trees.

Kings Canyon Park, however, has multiple canyons, valleys, waterfalls, and peaks. Take a hike on the popular hikes like Big Baldy (a hike to a granite summit), Big stump (the stump of a giant sequoia), or Dead Giant (a hike through the dense forest that overlooks the Sequoia Lake). The highlight of the park is Kings Canyon, which is where the park got its name. Kings Canyon has forests of pine, fir, a few sequoia groves, as well as cedar groves. The park is perfect for activities like mountaineering, hiking, and climbing. They have climbs that range from easy to expert level. The highway winds next to the Kings River; the river has many waterfalls such as Roaring River Falls and Mist falls.

While in the park, you can visit the Boyden Cavern and take a guided tour through the marble caves, although some activities have been closed due to COVID 19. This 50-minute tour for groups and ages of all sizes has tons of stalactites formations, flowstone, wedding cakes, and crystal waterfalls.

The park is home to over two hundred different kinds of birds like the Steller's Jay and the Belted Kingfisher. You can spot Siera Nevada Bighorn Sheep and even the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog. There are also black bears, Mule Deer, Opossums, Beavers, Foxes, and Turtles.

The park is open all year, but depending on the snow some trails may be closed or impassable. Make this a memorable trip and visit the Kings Canyon, National Park.